Vistadia is a design company that specializes in brand and graphic design.
Our company has been driven by passion, innovation, and creating work that satisfies and inspires not only our clients and their target market, but also ourselves.
Perfecting technique, technology and design has allowed us to provide our clients with top notch work.
Our expectations will ensure that we continue creating work that is meticulously brought to life by the most passionate professionals in the industry.

multi-platform design studio
비스타디아는 디지털 미디어와 그래픽 디자인에 대한 풍부한 경험를 바탕으로 고객에게 다양한 디자인 서비스를 제공하는 멀티플랫폼 디자인 스튜디오 입니다 

vistadia showreel 2008-2018

︎ director 

전용철 실장  Karl.J

강명석 실장  Ryan Kang

︎ designer

윤여울 팀장
  Yeowool Yoon

안성혜 대리
  Sunghye Ahn

권용석 디자이너 Yongseok Kwon

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